I have shipped my work all over the country. One small table I painted now resides in Paris. Most of my work is sold through the Cazenovia Artisan’s Gallery, however, I do many commissioned pieces and local murals as well.


I could not do my work without the help of my husband. He fixes the pieces I find and builds pieces I design. Bob has been working with wood for a long time and loves to do the prep work for my art. We are an incredible team;  he is my sous-artist!

My work has been described as "traditional painting on non-traditional canvases." I can look at something and for me it becomes a canvas. It can be a bowl, a chair, a table, a wall, anything. Sometimes I will begin to paint without a plan and enjoy letting the piece evolve.


Instead of becoming trash, old pieces of furniture are given new life as functional pieces of art. My studio is filled with soon-to-be treasures discarded or found at garage sales and thrift stores. Something can be a little crooked or cracked but that adds to its history and charm.


Because my "canvas" source is nontraditional, most of my pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind items.

   Thanks for taking a little time to read about me and my art. I have been an artist for over 30 years. I think I can best be described as a painter who should have been a sculptor. I love three dimensional pieces!

Marilyn Fegan
Bob Fegan